EPISODE 1 : Jimmy “Eat my balls”



The first Tronche de Vie episode was released with Jimmy Anora, street food vendor. We met Jimmy at B-Side (The Collective, Makati) where he can sells his fishballs during the events “Irie Sunday” which takes place in that popular underground venue.

“Eat my balls, don’t be shy !”, what a punchline isn’t it? This is the way Jimmy found to attract more customers and makes him unique. Jimmy lives in the poor area of Zobel and Onyx St (San Andres, Manila) and rides kilometers with his cart to different places where he can find as many customers as possible.(Pasay Rotonda, Malate, clubs like B-Side, Black Market…).

But when we say “his cart”, it’s not really true. He rents it and has to give around 80 % of the earnings to the cart owner. He has no choice if he wants to take care of his wife and his 3 kids. 3… but we should say 2, as the eldest one ran away from home and up until now, they are still looking for him. One of our goals with Tronche de Vie is to help Jimmy own his own cart. So he can earn more and support his family better. Jimmy’s life is rough, the place where he lives is tough. By helping Jimmy, we can help provide him a better life for his family. Social outreach is a real part of Tronche de Vie project


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