EPISODE 2 : Omar “Tapping into the world”



The 2nd Tronche de Vie episode features Omar Edwards, tap dancer. We met Omar at B-Side (The Collective, Makati) at the event called Irie Sunday, seating on the bass woofer, enjoying the music. He came to the Philippines because he was invited by the Ayala family, one of the Ayala’s daughter being in love with tap dancing. Born in Brooklyn and raised by his grandmother in Queen’s, Omar started tap dancing when he was only 12 years old. He’s been dancing basically for 30 years. We’ll let you guess his age today. Inspired by his own cousin, he made his choice after watching the Movie “Tap” – 1989 – Featuring Gregory Hines, a famous tap dancer in broadway at the legendary Apollo theater. So he discovered how “music is tap and tap is music”. The six degrees he has earned as a Philosophy student perhaps strengthened his life’s vision and passion. For Omar, everybody can do what he wants to do “Don’t beg for a job, create your own job. You can be everything you want to be. I need money? I take a board, I put it on the street, i put a hat, and i can still make money”. Omar really uses his dance for people and to be with people. For him, in the world where there is a lot of chaos and pain, through his dance, he really wants to “Heal, the pain, literally, heel the pain.”



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