EPISODE 3 : Marie, Educating the street



Meet Marie-Françoise Michel, aka Ate Marie. We met Ate Marie through our friend Adrien who used to work for the Virlanie Foundation, which helps street kids. Originating from Brittany, France, Ate Marie has been working for this French foundation for more than 10 years now. With a big heart and a lot of devotion she has a mission : help the street kids improve their skills and try to keep them away from trouble like gangs, drugs, violence or prostitution….

This 3rd Tronche de Vie episode was supposed to be about one of the kids, but that day, he never showed up so we decided to take Ate Marie as our Tronche de Vie, wich was a good choice. Here you can watch Ate Marie with the Mobile Unit Program of the Virlanie Foundation. Three days per week, for 2 to 3 hours, they bring this truck with this mobile school to teach the kids right on the street, on the pavement. The Mobile Unit Program teaches them tagalog lessons, English lessons, Mathematics and Science and help improve their knowledge about health or children’s rights. They don’t forget to have fun by teaching them songs, games, and communication skills… with free meal at the end! If the kid is doing well, Virlanie Foundation can support his or her studies, even until university. Ate Marie is a person whoreally gives meaning to the word : altruism. Her life is devoted to help these street kids, the most vulnerable people in the Philippines. Take a look at Virlanie Foundation, and please, help and share.



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