EPISODE 4 : Valentin, coloring the world



Native from France, Valentin is an multi-artist : graffiti artist, light painter and also a DJ. Valentin, aka ALIAS 2.0, likes travelling. He often receives free accommodation in exchange of an artwork or DJ set (like he did in the Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam…). We met him at a restaurant at San Fernando beach, in La Union where he was visiting the Philippines for the second time.

After his chat with one of our friends telling him that street art, like graffiti, is useless and has no future in the Philippines, we told him that the reverse is true.. That’s what he needed to hear one year after his first trip in the Philippines. Walls of the Philippines need to be more colorful. So we brought Valentin to different places around Manila (EDSA, Osmania Highway, Arnaiz avenue, Manila Bay…) to express his art.

The reactions from the local people around were only smiles and curiosity even from the policemen who allowed us to paint and give life to the walls (we are in the Philippines , after all). Valentin got inspired by the arabic calligraphy during a trip in Morocco. For him, walls are alive: they are like doors to different worlds. On top of that, he is adding light painting (light effects on long exposure photography) to his work which gives it even more intensity . When Valentin is painting, his mind is free… For him, his art is like  art-therapy. Take a look and you will feel it ;).

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