EPISODE 5 : Hannah Redefining a Modern Muslim Filipina



Hannah, a young muslim Filipina, is a really a hard working woman. After her thesis about Islamophobia, she became a Psychology and History teacher at the Lyceum of the Philippines in Intra-Muros, and she is also a cultural consultant for a Chinese company.

We met Hannah through her sister, Neo. Stephane, the Tronche de Vie director, met Hannah’s sister in a video workshop with the great filipino movie director Brillante Mendoza (Kinatay, Captive, Ma’ Rosa…). In order to break the “clichés” about the muslim community, we asked Hannah if we can follow her around for one day, at her place, at the mosque and at the Lyceum of the Philippines in Intra-Muros.

After her agreement, we told our driver : “Maharlika Village, kuya!” He stayed silent for a while, and we realized it was because he was “scared” to go there. Maharlika village is a muslim area in Taguig, and has the reputation of beingan unsafe place. When we arrived there, we had to ask many people for directions and when our driver saw how nice the people were there actually, he wasn’t scared anymore. At this point, we knew we were right. Meet Hannah through her daily life. Praying, commuting, teaching and sharing her love for humanity : “No religion teaches you to be violent or to be bad, so if we follow that, then, we can be good human beings”.



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