EPISODE 7 : Sonny, Cockfighting in Tagaytay, Philippines



Cockfight is something really deeply ingrained and anchored in filipino culture, and traditions. It can be controversial, like corrida from spain but here, this is not the question. Through Sonny, you will know how this roosters are trained from the time they break their egg’s shell until they fight inside the cockpit arena.

We met Sonny during a weekend in Tagaytay when we visited the cockpit runned by Sir Itay. Sonny, from the Biromaso Slashers Farm, is doing that in Tagaytay for17 years already. He shows you that training a roosters for cockfight is comparable to the way you can train a boxer with  diet, trainings… And you will see that even if the fight can end in death, Sonny puts a lot of love in his work; cuddling his chickens with sincere love for them.

This is what some people might not understand : how can you treat the roosters like your babies, and bring them to an eventually deadly fight ? It can sound ironic. Taking a look at this episode will show you a different side of cockfighting, whether you are a pro or anti-cockfighting.

PS : No animal got hurt during the shooting. 😉


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