EPISODE 8 : Hilarion, The Silence of a Street Seller, Metropolis Alabang



Hilarion Estopace, 27 years old, with his cute face is not only a peanuts street vendor like the thousands you can find the philippines. Hilarion is mute and deaf. He is leaving and working under the Skyway in the concrete jungle of Metropolis, in Alabang. This place is really smoky and noisy: bus terminal, jeepneys, traffic… But for Hilarion, loud noise is not a problem.

We work in Alabang, and to come back to Makati we commute by bus. Hilarion works where we take the bus, so we became his regular customers, and we got quickly hooked by his smile and his pleasant behaviour. Hilarion can’t sign and can’t write english really well. So you can imagine how difficult it was to shoot this episode.

Even after the sidewalk cleaning policy in Alabang, Hilarion is still allowed to sell his peanuts.

Beyond Hilarion’s life, this episode shows the conditions of deaf and mute people in the Philippines: the ordeal of trying to find a proper school and a decent job…

So if you pass by Metropolis, stop by Petron station and say hi to Hilarion, even if he can’t talk, his smile will tell you a lot.


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