EPISODE 9 : Bboy Junior, Dancing his way back home



Junior, aka Bboy Junior “the guy who walks on his hands”, is a hip hop dancer, famous all around the world. World Champion with Wanted Possee from France in 2001 at Battle Of The Year in Germany, he also won the “France got talent” in 2007. He became an iconic and unique dancer with the way he turned his disability into an advantage. Suffering from polio when he was a kid, his right leg had been partially disabled. But thatdidn’t stop him.

How did we meet Junior ? He was schoolmate of Stephane (Tronche de Vie director) in high school in St Malo, France. They always have been good friends, and Stephane had always wanted to shoot a video with Junior who is not only a friend, or a really talented dancer, but also a beautiful person with a great heart and a big smile. This episode was shot in St Malo, where Junior grew up, featuring his first dance fellows (Jeff and Rudy) in the mythic intra-muros of the pirate city. You will see in this episode how Junior is powerful, how he is fueled and passionned by dancing and all the energy he can share.

Junior had been travelling in more than 75 countries to express his art, and he is successful everywhere. He has a lot of projects on going. Now he is not only a dancer, he is a reference for many hip hop dancer. He is organizing local and international events. To be honest, Junior is now a legend in the hip hop dancers’ culture.

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