EPISODE 10 : Joyen, Rope and Roll in Manila


Joyen is a pioneer of rope bondage in the Philippines. She discovered that art (which originated from Japan) during her studies, and she got involved pretty quickly. For her, this art is far away from all the stereotypical ideas that people have about BDSM (bondage, discipline, dominance and submission) : “I didn’t know it was taboo, because, it’s so beautiful to me”.

The first time we saw Joyen’s performance was at Pine-Apple Labs (Makati). We discovered something different, visually and artistically, than what we thought bondage was. And so once again we decided to break some clichés, especially ours. Then, we really met Joyen when we were both featured in Open House, a TV show hosted by Gerry Cornejo on GNN. So we followed her at her workshops and shows to know more about her and her art.

Inspired by artists like Hajime Kinoko (Japan), Garth Knight (Australian) or Fred Karell (France), Joyen taught us how trust is important between the performer and the “bunny”. Through this episode, Joyen will teach you how being roped or being whipped can be a source of pleasure. Would you try it? Just ask her when her next show is and you will discover it for yourself.


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