EPISODE 11 : Gloria, Keep on growing



Gloria left Albay (Bicol) 43 years ago and brought some seeds with her. She lived in Quezon city with her family. She was working as a sewer and her husband was a driver. Then she was advised to go to a place in the mountains of Antipolo called Calawis. She was able to get a land and she started  growing the seedlings she carried from Bicol: mango, darandan, pili pili

We heard about her through our friend Bénédicte, her granddaughter, who is now taking care of the plantation. For Gloria, leaving and working in the mountains is too difficult now. As you can see, Gloria is super healthy because she is still really active. She can’t stay without any activity. That’s why she has her sari-sari store that helps her stay active and pay the bills.

She is happy to see her granddaughter keeping her legacy alive even if she knows how difficult it is. In this Tronche de Vie, she shares her experience and her story. Take a look at her smile, for sure you will smile back and who knows, you might want to taste the organic fruits and vegetables from Calawis Garden?




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