Episode 16 : TamTam, a Filipino in Paris


TamTam is one of the 10 Millions Filipinos living around the world, called OFW, or Overseas Filipino Worker. They make the choice to stay far from their family and beloved country
to make sure their siblings will have a better life. It was TamTam‘s destiny to move, helping financially his 9 brothers and sisters and is now living in Paris!

This short documentary tell the story of TAMTAM, who moved from the Philippines 9 years ago to help is family financially, he first did a 8 years stop in Saudi Arabia as so many OFW (OVERSEA FILIPINO WORKER), then decided to take his chance in France, where he quickly found work and place to stay in Paris, for TAMTAM life is easy as he is taking is living every day as a chance, never complaining and enjoying his time, working hard around Paris, taking care of kids or older people, cleaning houses, he got all kind of chance, make sure you contact us if you have anything for me.

Hope you enjoy our latest épisode with Tamtam.

We collaborateur with this amazing pianiste Pier luigi Salami, thanks to him for sharing his amazing tracks, make sure you check his Facebook and youtube page



One thought on “Episode 16 : TamTam, a Filipino in Paris

  1. Tam Tam, thank you for sharing us your whole life experience of your journey, How long you are in Paris? Is it be okay there? my friend invite me to come as tourist visa, how about you what is your visa now? May God bless you always….

    Hope to hear you soon


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