Episode 17 : John Paul, a father to the street children


The initial idea was to shoot an episode with Father Matthieu DAUCHEZ, main director of the Anak Tnk Foundation. He was a real tronche for us.
However, after our first meeting he asked us to enlight (or put the spotlight on) somebody else from his team. He was tired to be always the one in picture just because he is French. Father Matthieu is working with a great team who is all working as hard as him. So we agreed to shoot another Tronche, John Paul who is working for 10 years with Anak Tnk Foundation. His first plan was to become a priest, but it did not work out so he decided to give his life for helping poor people and specialy street kids in Metro Manila.

Spending time with him and all those kids got me a strange feeling, nothing bad, just happiness to be part of this even for a short time – playing and hugging kids at school, sharing smile and kulitness, it made my day.

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