Episode 20: KHRISTOWF, The organetto wizard


For his 20th episode, Tronche de Vie goes to meet Christophe, who lives near Vannes, in South Brittany (France).

We met Christophe during a carpool with blablacar. When he told us about what he was doing, we were seduced, especially by the singularity of his instrument. We promised him then to shoot with him an episode of Tronche de vie.

Christophe plays indeed organetto, a hybrid instrument little known mixing wind and keyboard. In this episode punctuated by the sweet melody of the organetto, he explains the operation of his favorite instrument, and also tells us about his passion for medieval music. Because yes, for Christophe, music is more than just a job, it’s a passion he likes to share. This passion, Christophe has made his job, and he travers Europe for concerts, where he seeks to create a harmony between his music and the places where he plays. He also teaches the organetto, to share his talent with as many people as possible.

Christophe, artist and musician emeritus, is our 20th Tronche. The adventure goes on !





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Special thanks to Cyrille Renaud for all drone footages and DJ Deheb for his amazing music production, and thanks for the blablacar ride.





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