Episode 21 : ANTON, still payin dues

This month episode is about Anton a.k.a Tino VALENTINO, Talented artist from Manila Philippines, started his career in high school with Cosmic Love band, then with National Threat where music stopped for him, at least for a year, time to recover from a shabu/speed addiction, Anton is telling is story, what he learnt from it and why he won’t go back to drug, too many things he does ‘t want to loose now,
Anton is currently doing collaboration with many bands here in Manila, singing by himself aswell, he is a radio host on Jam 88.3.

Shabu have been a big problem in the Philippines, President Détente swore to get ride of it in 6 months, which he never did, even after so many people died during his war on drug, he is now investigated by the International Criminal Court


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