I have known Marie for 30 years, it is the little sister of my best friend Olivier, when I started to attend her brother Marie was in the middle of a treatment of a leukemia that the doctors had detected at 7 years old, suddenly she passed a lot of time at the equestrian center located next to the family home, it allowed him to escape and forget the disease, so horses have a very important place in his life.

Many years later, I saw her change of life, she who had a very good job in Rennes, Brittany, friends, an apartment, a cocoon as she says, everything was fine but the disappearance of his father Jean Pierre has questioned everything.

So in 2011, Marie left everything and moved to the south of France, to live her dream, to be surrounded by horses, to observe them and to share privileged moments with them. therefore forms for three years ethology, which is interested in the science of horse behavior

In this episode of Tronche de Vie, Marie presents her cavalry and her little paradise, built with the sweat of her forehead and with passion, she makes us discover a form of energy communication with horses, Cyrille, our drone pilot lends itself gambling.

A great moment of sharing and passion, thanks to Marie, to her horses for all the moments spent.


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