FUNKY BIJOU is the combination of two guys, Deheb and Marrrtin who join to make good music, funky and groovy breakbeats

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Producer, party dj, battle breakdance dj, Marrrtin from STEREOPHONK is known to be one of the funkiest Dj in the west of France
he is also part of the group FUNKY BIJOU
He has made productions for french rappers and artists like THE NUBIANS, BAMS,RASCO, Kojoe from NY, Belle Humble from UK, DGIZ, SINISTRE, DJ NETIK, DJ TROUBL’,DJ ATOM of C2C and he had released his own album under the name of DIRTYDEZERHe has djing for big festivals in france,in india ( BOMBAY & Delhi) two shows in Australia, UK, and big battle events like BBOY UNIT, IBE, .1000% or hip hop Arena


Deheb started deejaying in 1997. In 2001 he issued his first mixtape “La chronique” (the chronic), on which he remixed some of the year’s biggest rap tunes on his own beats. 2004 was the year of “Back to the Break” (with b-boy Bonz), a mix cd for b-boys and dj’s, with a soul-funk/old school rap tracklisting. Then, in 2005, came the french critically acclaimed “Lexxfiles”, a mix album with rapper Lexxcoop.

The french dj really switched to beatmaking around 2004, producing hip hop beats with a huge funky influence. In 2006, he produced “Top of the block pt.2” for Apani ft.Big Noyd. This first american collaboration was a big turn out in his career, and he’s been working with US artists ever since.
He established himself working with mc’s like Apani, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Emilio Rojas or Dynas. Deheb also got recognised and encouraged by artists such as Pharoahe Monch or DJ Spinna. He still works as a dj, and he has opened for Jazzy Jeff and DJ Premier. In 2014 Deheb still works as a dj and beatmaker, producing funk and abstract hip hop as a part of the french duo “funky Bijou” and working on a new “brazilian EP” with the swiss beatmaker Chief from Feelin Music.

                                                D&H Remix

Daddy and Hypa aka D&H Remix are 2 french sound engineers, producers, Djs and of course remix makerz.
They started in 97 as musicians in a reggae backing band (Daddy at Drums and Hypa at percussions). They quickly started to compose our own riddims and so build our own studio. At
the beginning they were inspired a lot by the jamaican 70′s/80′s music. In 2001 they launched their radio show broadcasted on air every week. The show was promoting jamaican music from the 70s to the latest releases. That’s how they became big reggae/dancehall fans and start pree the whole jamaican music and culture. In the mean time they also were listening a lot of US Hip Hop and RnB stuff and use to play remixs blending jamaican and american music. Furthermore they were also listening to all Chinese Assassin mixcds and it was just a matter of time before they decide to create their own remis.


Pier Luigi Salami is a pianist, keyboardist, composer, and producer.
A dedicated leader of original projects such as the modern jazz ensemble PLS.trio, and an in-demand session musician both in studio and on the road, Pier’s versatility can be appreciated in the music he writes as well as the wide range of projects he is called to be a part of.
Spanning from jazz to hip/hop, electronic music, and everything in between, his recent studio, touring, and writing credits include such artists as Chris Brown, Tyga, Emel Mathlouthi, Amy Vachal, and Chloe Angelides.
Born in the north of Italy in the late 80s, Pier moved to Boston to study at Berklee College of Music, from which he graduated with honors in 2010.
Most recently he was a finalist in the solo instrumental section of the 2015 “Made In NY” Jazz competition. His PLS.trio debut release “East River” received a nomination for both Best Debut and New Release at the 2015 NPR Jazz Critic Poll, and a 5-star review on All About Jazz.
Pier currently lives, records, and plays in New York when not on the road.


TORO is a DJ and producer from Italy. He started playing records at the age of 17, spinning mostly hip hop and rap music around different clubs in Milan. For the next three years he dedicated his time to creating his own electronic beats, crank,
rap and hip hop productions.
In 2008, he produced the beat for the song ‘Domani Forse’ for the all-girl rap trio of Mascara (Marya, Michi and Juggy) on their album, ‘Scaramanzia’. It was also around this time that he discovered dubstep music, found it resonated with the music he was trying to make, and was instantly hooked. He has devoted his time and energy to making bass music ever since.
It was in 2013 that TORO decided to try something different for himself, live in a new environment and rediscover his roots all at the same time. He packed his bags and moved to the Philippines, from where his parents hail. It was upon his arrival in Manila that the Italian label SPVN released his second EP, “22”. In Manila he was able to play with the renowned DJs Red-I, The Zombettes, Supreme Fist, Soulflower, Don P, Motherbasss and also front for renowned bands such as Wilabaliw, Greyhoundz and Queso. TORO is also a member of the Dragon Underground Selectors and has been able to play at the Project 420 Festival in Batangas and Magayon Festival in Albay. He produced and recorded a track with Camoi of Pinoy Stories entitled “Lune” and is currently collaborating with DJ Alien Umali and Cosmic Love’s Anton Saldana. He continues to play in different venues in Manila (Imperial, Black Market, B-Side, Time) and is producing new music for subsequent release.



Originally concealed in the credits of the record covers under the heading “composition and production”, Guts secured his fame as a beatmaker by trimming the soundtrack of Alliance Ethnik, Big Red or the Svinkels.

In solo since 2007 and his album “Le Bienheureux”(Was On Records), he then expanded his musical palette with “Freedom”, a darker but also more released record released on his own label Pura Vida. Exiled in Ibiza is From his Balearic Island that he will publish in 2011 “Paradise For All”, on the label which is Still to this day, Heavenly Sweetness.

And The Living Is Easy, I Want You Tonight, Brand New Revolution: each of the albums contained a title that has since become classic.

Since 2013, he has concocted with his accomplice Mambo, the compilations Beach Diggin ‘, dedicated to the discovery of rare and sunny galettes.


Pushing back his perpetual musical exploration to the electro-funk, the afro-disco, space jazz,  Guts didn’t forbid anything to compose ETERNAL, an album released in 2016, the result of a creative distillation between the members Live band Hip Hop After All (Florian Pellissier on keyboards, Greg F. on guitar, Kenny Ruby on bass, Tibo Brandalise on drums, Leron Thomas, trumpet and vocals) and the new elements Tanya Morgan and Lorine Chia.


Early on, Degiheugi devoured LPs and made turntables roar in a rap crew. But the classical hip-hop sphere quickly proved itself too narrow to echo the massive flow of ideas that irrigated his right hemisphere.
Sound collector, insatiable explorer in search of the ultimate sample, Degiheugi unearths treasures buried deep in the internet abyss or under the dust of time in flea markets. He reinvents the art of merging these sound particles in order to offer them an atomically radiant second life. Imbued with high-end featurings of beats chiseled out from the gold groove is made of, these patchworks are brilliant enough to ignore the codes of abstract hip-hop, and unfold a clear musicality, full of soul reflections and electronic spleen. After releasing five essential albums -all of which were acclaimed online by an enthusiast community of supporters- this beatmaker is stepping out of the shadows and is today taking the step to go on stage. A live experience where video will join in, and which promises to be powerfully immersive.



Passionate is the term that best defines Legal Shot. Feeling the shock waves of the speakers bouncing off the walls at the Notting Hill Carnival in the late 90’s, they were hooked. They decided to build their own system in the tradition of authentic Jamaican sound and built an over 20KW sound system.

In their travels to Jamaica and New York they have filled up their boxes with rare vinyl and original Dub plates, They’re playing Roots & Culture and specialized themselves over the years in Rub A Dub and Digital. They live up their sets of productions straight out of the Legal Shot Sound Studio.

For over ten years, with true drive and hard work, Legal Shot Sound System has shared with a growing audience their love for this music. And at each of their gigs they spread their passion for the sound system with the massive!
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                                                                                                                                                         LUCAS FLOYD

Born and Raised in San Jose, Costa Rica, in Central America bordered by Nicaragua and Panama. Lucas have been imported with boxes of Tequila by Renato robles el jefe, travelling during 3 months on a boat and bringing his skills as mixologist to a well know establishment in Poblacion Makati, El Pura Vida.

Lucas been playing guitare for three years and he is now part of 2 bands, lost bandidos and the crashes, he can play rock and roll , blues and he is learning jazz.

He created tracks for our Steve Cholo Ellis episode, with the help of Matt Porta and Norris King, being a skater and huge fan of Jay Adams, he had to be part of this short documentary.